Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Grime Be Gone LLC

As a homeowner in Delray Beach, it’s important that you understand the concept of pressure washing and how it can benefit you. That’s why we’ve taken the time to answer some of your most frequently asked pressure washing questions below.

How Is Pressure Washing And Soft Washing Different?

Almost everyone is familiar with standard pressure washing, which is the act of using high-powered equipment to shoot water jets at a surface to eradicate gunk and grime. However, this doesn’t work on every type of surface. You need something less aggressive for areas like shingles, glass, or vinyl. That’s when we use soft washing.

With soft washing, we turn down the pressure on our equipment. We also add special soaps into the water. This creates a powerful solution that can eat away at even the most stubborn grime and leave behind a fresh, clean surface.

I Have Old, Set In Stains. Does Your Service Clean Those Up?

It can be very frustrating when you have old, set-in stains on your property. You can’t just blast them with the garden hose and expect them to go away. You need something more powerful to really draw out the dirt particles and grime from deep within the surface. That’s where we can help. We can get rid of even the most stubborn stains, thanks to our high-powered equipment and our time-tested pressure washing methods.

What’s The Difference Between Your Services And Me Just Buying A DIY Pressure Washer?

You may be wondering why you should hire a professional service to handle your pressure washing in Delray Beach when you can just grab a pressure washer from the local home improvement store and handle it yourself. The fact of the matter is that you simply won’t get the same results with DIY pressure washing.

We not only have commercial-grade pressure washing equipment, but we also possess years of pressure washing experience and knowledge that allows us to deliver unparalleled results. We highly recommend that you go the professional route rather than trying to DIY when it comes to house washing or any other major home improvement work.

Do You Use Any Harsh Chemicals In Your Cleaning Processes?

As we mentioned earlier, we may employ a method known as soft washing for some of our service packages. With soft washing, we use special soaps and detergents to really get rid of grime and gunk for good.

You don’t need to worry, because these soaps we use are completely safe and eco-friendly. That means they won’t cause any harm to you, your home, your property, or the environment. In fact, your children and pets will be able to go out and enjoy the great outdoors almost immediately after we’re done soft washing.


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